Home Internet Plans

For those looking to cut the cord, stream and game with unlimited data, or save on your monthly expense - you have come to the right place!

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We offer 2 types of plans to choose from

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Monthly Plans
Extended 60 Day Guarantee on Prepaid Plans
Unlimited Data, No Caps Ever!
No Speed Throttling
No Contracts On Monthly Plans
No Cancelation Fees or Hidden Fees
No Credit checks
100 Mbps Upload Speeds

Month to Month
Simple and straight forward month to month, no contract pay as you go internet. Cancel anytime with for no fees. Stay a customer because you are happy with the service, not because we locked you into a contract.

5 Year Prepaid Internet
Pay 5 years in advance at a deeply discounted price. Pay today and never receive another bill for the next 5 years. Most customers receive a return on their investment after 1 year with our prepaid plan compared to their current providers monthly cost.

$150 Install Fee

Additional fees:

Tile roofs = + $20

2+ story roof height = + $50

Router Options

Basic Gigabit router = + $30

No monthly rental fees

Purchase not required. You can also use your own non Jelly provided router

Every home, no matter which plan you select, has the same install fee

Now you know why everyone is so #Jellyous.... you can select a plan below

$1600 5 Yr Prepaid -300 Mbps
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$1000 5 Yr Prepaid - 200 Mbps
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$84 / Month - 300 Mbps
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$56 / Month - 200 Mbps
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