Our company focuses on providing affordable internet for every human.

Our Mission

Jelly Digital's Mission is to provide residents of Chula Vista and Southern California with internet as it should be. We promise to never cap your data or throttle your speed. We do not monitor your browser history or let large corporations influence the way you experience surfing the web by playing favorites. You can cut the cord from your cable provider and know that you will have no issues when it comes to downloading or uploading video streaming content. Our technology and equipment is built for homes that have multiple family members and friends all on the internet at the same time - because, after all and who isn't on their phone or computer for a majority of the day.

Stop being held hostage by the large carriers who have no motivation to provide you with better service. They know that until now you had no other option. I guess the jokes on them, because Jelly Digital is now able to service your region with high speed internet. No gimmicks, no games - just speed and quality to give you the freedom you deserve.

So the next time your kids come into your room at night saying that they can not finish their homework because the internet is too slow.... we will be right here waiting for you.

Our Story

Jelly Digitial is part of a family of companies that all revolve around high speed internet. We're not some fly by night company. We have been pursuing internet and operating successful business from data centers to domain registry in Southern California for over 20 years.

The story of our company could spawn several best selling books and movies. Our experience dates back to BEFORE the internet began. From operating BBS Systems to deploying an international data network, we have evolved side by side and step by step with computer and network technology. Our founders are part of the originators of the internet and have been involved in all facets of its progression since it began.

Mexico Internet Exchange (MIE) owns the only fiber optic international border crossing that was brought from San Ysidro into Tijuana, Mexico. MIE is bringing high speed, low latency fiber internet to the country of Mexico. It took over 15 years to accomplish this goal but it was done against all odds.

MIE provides internet to homes, business and the largest hotels throughout Tijuana. Even the Mexican Government is a client of MIE.

US Mex Media (USMM)is the only provider of Free Wifi on the USA Mexico border crossing at San Ysidro - both Ped East and Ped West. With over 30,000 daily users, USMM allows users to access the internet for free while they wait in line for many hours. USMM works with local and global companies to provide a 30 - 60 second advertisement to the Wifi users prior to gaining access.

Our Fiber Route From Los Angeles to Tijuana and San Diego