Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a reseller?

NO, we own and operate our own network. This includes the fiber and all data centers that control your quality of service and internet speed.

My card has expired or How do I update my payment method?

Go to this link and you can
update your payment method.


How are you going to connect your fast internet to my home or business?

Because we like all things FAST, we have engineered our fiber optic network to use the latest in advanced wireless technology. By placing a tiny device on your roof, which connects to our fast fiber network, we enable your location to receive our incredibly fast and reliable service. This is NOT satellite or cellular service. While cellular LTE and 5G may be good for cell phones, it's not even close to what were able to provide using our wireless wave technology. It's so good in fact that the industry term for it is "Air Fiber". In simple terms, we place our device on your roof, aim it to our tower nearby and create a direct point to point connection between your location and our fiber optic network powering the tower.

Are there any additional installation fees I need to know?

If you happen to live in a three-story home or the installer must enter attics or crawl-spaces to run the wire, we will charge an additional fee between $100.00 and $300.00 for the complexity of the job. Some jobs are more complicated, if that is the case your installer will let you know.

Won't my HOA (Homeowners Association) prevent me from having a device on my roof?

No. Nope. Nah. Won't happen. Promise! In all seriousness though, they can't prevent us from installing our communications equipment on your roof. There are laws created by the FCC specifically preventing them from interfering.

What does the install consist of?

Our installer will arrive and access your roof.  We will place a small device on your roof that is smaller than your typical satellite television dish.  The device looks high tech and certainly better than those satellite dishes. It is not an eyesore.  Our installer will run an ethernet cable into your home or business to connect a router and small power adaptor.

Is your wireless connection to me secure?

We use advanced encryption to secure the wireless link to your location. You can sleep safe at night knowing your wireless link is private.

Is weather a factor that will affect the internet you provide me?

Weather has no affect on our fiber network. Our wireless network is over-engineered to provide 99.995% reliability. Your wave-link connection is provisioned using millimeter-wave and/or microwave bands that may be slightly affected by rain.  Because of our over-engineering, the affect of rain-fade will not have an impact on the service level we provide to you. Plus, wind and other elements of weather do not affect the signals. Oh, and you live in San Diego.

What makes this better?

Jelly Digital provides fast, reliable internet services at a fair price. We do not tack on hidden charges and our support is fast and courteous.  Unlike the big-box providers of internet, we're able to out-pace their technology which requires lots of wires in the ground, this makes us good for the environment too.  Our focus is to stick to what we do best and that is providing the best internet experience to our customers.

I have solar panels, is this a problem?

Not at all. Just remember to compliment the installers new tan when he is done with the install. Our technicians have the proper experience and training to deal with anything they come across at your home.

Whats the deal with wiring inside my home?

Our normal installation consists of an ethernet cable from our roof-mounted equipment to the wall of the room you want your router in.  If there are more extensive wiring needs, please discuss with your Jelly representative. Costs for additional wiring start at $100.00 and go from there depending on the details of your project.

I would like to make sure wifi is in all of my rooms.

We provide the basic connection and wifi device. If you have a large home or office and would like to extend the wifi coverage, please select from our various router upgrades.

This service is great and unique, do you offer customer rewards for referrals?

If you are an existing Jelly Digital Internet customer and refer our service to your friends and family, you can earn service credits for each customer who has an install completed and has paid their first months fees.  If you would like to turn this into a career opportunity, please view our referral partner page.

How do I get support for my service?

At this moment we are working on deploying a new customer portal. Until then you may get technical support via our website live chat form, email, texting our main telephone number or calling.

How do you bill me?

At the time of order, you pay the installation costs up front. Your monthly fee will be billed to your chosen payment method on the day you are first installed. We do this because we cannot bill your first months fee until your service is alive and activated.

I need to update my payment method, how do I do this?

Please contact us via our web page live chat, texting our main number, emailing us or calling. We will help you change your payment method. In the future you will be able to do this in our new portal, coming soon.

What type of cable do you use? Cat5e or Cat6?

We use Cat5e cable rated for outdoor with UV protection. The speed of Cat5e cabling supports high-performance networking. Category 5 enhanced cables can deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps at up to 328 feet in length. Devices connected by the cable, including switches and routers, also support the desired data speeds. Many people are told that they need Cat6 cable to enable better gaming and overall performance however this is not the case.

What is your refund policy?

Installation fees are refundable within 30 days for monthly customers and 60 days for pre-paid customers. Monthly service fees are refundable for the first 30 days of your service. Pre-paid plans are refundable within 60 calendar days. We do not offer pro-rata refunds on 5 year pre-paid plans. Trial periods begin the day of service installation - unless otherwise agreed to in writing in writing by a Jelly Digital Representative.

Refunds can take 30 - 60 days to be processed and arrive in your bank account.

How do I cancel my service? (Includes information on chargebacks)

To cancel your service, you must send an email to requesting service cancelation. You must provide 30 days notice to cancel your monthly service. Prepaid customers can not cancel after the 60 day trial. There is no "pro-rata" refunds on prepaid plans. The trial period begins at service installation - unless otherwise agreed to in writing by a Jelly Digital Representative. Customers who do not follow the refund process and decide to "Charge Back" on their cards are subject to legal action. When consumers dispute valid transactions in an attempt to avoid dealing with the merchant refund process directly, that’s known as “friendly fraud” and Jelly Digital can, and will, contest these chargebacks and pursue legal action if necesarry.

I have a new router, what should I do to set it up?

If you have received a new router from Jelly Digital or have purchased your own and need help setting it up, please text us at our main number or use the contact us forms on our website. As always, if you prefer you can call.

Can I freeze my account?

Monthly subscribers may freeze their accounts if their balance is current and $0.00. We have a monthly fee of $10.00 per month for frozen accounts and there is a limit of 3 months per freeze.

I am having roof work done, what do I need to do?

If you have a new roof being installed, please contact us for proper guidance. We will work with you to accomodate this work. (A fee may apply which will be determined based on the work being done and what we need to do.)

What is your acceptable usage policy?

You can read the full policy at While our Internet plans allow you to download an unlimited amount of data, there are laws against downloading certain things, including copyright-infringed works. When we get a DMCA complaint linked to your account, we are required by law to notify you. The first 2 “strikes” are free, and then it’s $30 per DMCA complaint up to 12, which is when we have to ask you to find another ISP.

How does wireless compare to Satellite, DSL, Cable and Fiber-Optics?

Satellite – most satellites are floating in orbit between 100 and 24,000 miles away. That’s how far your data is traveling – so latency (the delay between the signal being sent and reaching its destination) is going to be much higher than just about any other option. By comparison, your nearest Jelly Digital tower will typically be less than 5 miles from your house. Jelly Digital latency times (i.e. 30ms) are a fraction of that of satellite (i.e. 400ms). Customers who switch from Satellite to Jelly Digital are often amazed by the improvement in Internet speed and reliability. Unlike Satellite, the weather does not affect Jelly Digital service.

DSL – Only available in towns, or within a certain distance to the DSL Central Office. Usually requires a phone line, so bundling with a phone is usually required. Most DSL speeds are between 1 and 3 Mbps. Beware – the older the phone lines in your town or neighborhood, the slower and less reliable your DSL Internet connection can be. If you are looking to cancel your landline telephone and get the Internet only, or you want more speed than DSL can provide, Jelly Digital could be your solution.

Cable – It can be very fast.  Cable providers rank highest on lists of companies with the worst customer service. Jelly Digital’s speeds are comparable to cable, and customers enjoy local, friendly, and knowledgeable support.

Fiber – It can be the fastest – but it’s not always. Providers can vary a lot – from the speeds they offer and how much they charge, to how long it takes to repair a cut fiber line and restore an outage. It’s not available everywhere, so if you have the option to choose fiber, you might want to look into it if speed is important to you.

I was told to power cycle my devices, what does this mean and how do I do it?

When having problems with your Internet connection, the best thing to do first is power cycle both your router and your Jelly Digital wireless equipment.

To reset your Jelly Digital internet connection try the following steps:
Locate your Internet Adapter (POE), pictured below. Reboot your outside radio by unplugging this adapter from AC powerWait 60 seconds then put the power plug back in.If you have a router, unplug it from the power for 60 seconds.After 2 minutes, check your computer for Internet.If none of these steps resolve your issue please Contact Us.

Will I get the speeds I am paying for?

We offer “up-to” speeds. If you are paying for the 200Mbps package, you will get as close to 200Mbps as possible. However, if you have Non-Line-of-Sight equipment because you have trees and obstructions between you and the tower, your speeds will be lower. Otherwise, if you have clear line-of-sight to the tower, you should get the maximum speed. When running a speed test, your results will be measured in Mbps. When downloading files, you will see your speed measured in bytes (MB/s), not bits (Mbps).

My speed tests do not look right, what may be the cause?

Here is a link to a good article by a third party on speed tests and the proper ways to use them.

What happens if something goes wrong?

After installation, we won’t leave you on your own. Even though fixed wireless internet should be relatively maintenance- and upkeep-free, sometimes things happen. Rest assured you can call us with any of your issues, and you’ll get a real person that will make things right.

Do you filter content?

No. We do not filter content. We provide a neutral internet service to our customers so that they can make their own choices.  If you wish to filter content locally at your home, we recommend purchasing a wifi router with content filtering options. There is also software for Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices that may be installed at your option.

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